DNS Zone Hosting

Your DNS Zone directs traffic for your domain. It directs mail traffic to your mail server where your email accounts are located, and web traffic to your web server where your website is located. It is also used to verify domain ownership in your Google Search Console and “Do It Yourself” website platforms. Without a DNS Zone, your domain name does nothing.

Let’s imagine you use Google Sites for your website, and Outlook.Com for your email. How will website visitors be automatically directed to Google Sites, when they click your domain name? How will email - sent to an email account at your domain - arrive at the Outlook.com mail server?

Your DNS Zone.

Each IT professional on the BorderWeb.Net team is an expert at DNS configuration. We can host your DNS Zone and configure it so that web traffic is routed appropriately.

If you have a DIY website, you may not even realize your domain name has a DNS Zone. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power. Pick one, or contact us for help with your DNS Zone.